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Case Study - Life Health Foods

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Company Profile

Life Health Foods (formerly Pioneer Foods UK) are a leading UK cereal maker for own-label and branded manufacture and packaging services for many of the leading retailers and brands in the UK.

Life Health Foods product range is diverse and large, as is their customer base. Operating from three sites in the UK, Life Health Foods have exacting standards when it comes to quality and compliance and operate to a minimum AA BRCGS standard. Our customers demand nothing less from us.

The Company is energetic, proactive and passionate about what they do and are always looking to improve systems to foster a collaborative team approach to continuous improvement.

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With well over a hundred suppliers and more than four hundred raw materials to manage the challenge of managing supplier compliance is significant.

Before Life Health Foods implemented 3iVerify supplier compliance management was carried out by email, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets by Word documents. These were emailed to suppliers, who then completed them manually and emailed them back to the team at Pioneer Foods.


Co-ordinating these activities and manually chasing suppliers to progress to approval was time consuming, difficult to report on and raw material specifications were in different formats created by different people over the years. This was causing the following challenges to their business:

  • Acquiring supplier compliance information was very time consuming.

  • Suppliers had to be reminded manually by email and there was a lot of back and forth.

  • Tracking the status of information requests was difficult.

  • There was no standard format for material specifications

  • The number of supplier and raw materials created a large non-value added workload.

  • Tracking and managing NCRs on spreadsheets was non collaborative.

The Solution

Primority worked closely with the Life Health Foods team to digitise their supplier and material approval questionnaires so that the process of sending, approving, tracking, and managing supplier information was more organised and complete.

We also implemented raw material goods inward checks which are populated directly from the approved material specification information that is gathered during the material approval process.

The solution now helps Life Health Foods operate more efficiently and stay organised and on top of supplier and raw material information.

What do Life Health Foods use 3iVerify for?

Life Health Foods use 3iVerify for:

  1. Sending auto reminders to suppliers to upload certificates and reports on expiry.

  2. Making sure that the raw materials arriving at raw material intake in our factories match the approved material specification.

Top Benefits Delivered for Life Health Foods

According to Life Health Foods, the following benefits have been delivered by 3iVerify:

  1. The supplier dashboard showing the Approval statuses of the various documents is very useful for helping us focus on where suppliers are dragging their feet.

  2. The supplier questionnaire sections are easy to navigate for us and the suppliers and provide a robust audit trail of approvals and the conversation with suppliers.

  3. Having approved raw material specifications feed through to goods inwards checks means that we can be confident that the ingredients we purchase meet our requirements and are of the highest quality and safety standards.

  4. Being able to use the system wherever we have an internet connection is a huge benefit, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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