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3iVerify Key Features

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What is 3iVerify?

3iVerify is a fully integrated, cloud based, food safety and quality management system which allows for a seamless, collaborative process between food manufacturers, importers, retailers and their suppliers.


It is GFSI standards based and allows for suppliers to be assessed and approved to any standard (E.g. BRC Global Food Standard or any retailer standard). The system handles supplier and raw material approval processes as well as internal data capture (e.g. HACCP, Production records and Quality records), internal document management (e.g. food safety and quality documentation), corrective action management supplier alerts and data reporting.


The solution also has a comprehensive API (Application Programming interface) which allows integration with other systems, e.g. retailer specification systems, recipe management systems and ERP systems.

Custom Questionnaire and Form Design:

3iVerify has 100% custom digital questionnaire and form design features built in. This allows the design and deployment of electronic questionnaires and forms that handle all kinds of supplier approval, material approval, assessment and document generation, including internal quality forms that allow rich media to be embedded.


This extends to on screen format, content and management of assessment questions and data capture. The built-in custom questionnaire and form features provide the ability to capture data for almost any requirement and in any format to allow for reporting, alerting and sharing data with other systems through our API.


For Questionnaires designed to be sent to suppliers and food facilities user assignment, auto renewal and specified approvers can be defined by role enabling a highly flexible way to collaborate internally within the organisation and externally with the supply chain.

Supplier Management:

3iVerify allows the design and implementation of Supplier Approval Questionnaires for raw materials, packaging and finished products. These can also be used to gather additional data from the supply chain, e.g. Food facility registration, Supplier self-assessment audits, in a standards-based way.


Flexible features exist for assignment and management of approvals and deep search of questionnaire data. Questionnaires status can be monitored, managed and automated and manual mass follow up emails can be used to maintain high supplier response rates.

Material Specification Management:

3iVerify’s custom questionnaire design process allows for the design, implementation and approval management of any raw material or finished product specification.


This ensures that all salient details can be captured for food safety and quality compliance and commercial / NPD processes. The data is captured in a structured digital format that can then be made available via the 3iVerify API to third party systems to ensure that accurate data can be passed along the supply chain.

Internal Form Management (See also In-House Data Capture):

3iVerify’s custom form design process allows for the design and implementation of data capture forms that produce pdf documents and maintain records. This ensures that all salient details can be captured for food safety and quality compliance and commercial / NPD processes.


The data is captured in a structured digital format that can then be made available via the 3iVerify API to third party systems to ensure that accurate data can be passed along the supply chain.

Multi-Level Approvals:

The solution allows for two level supplier approvals, where a non-manufacturing supplier is the first level and the manufacturer are the second level, e.g. Agent and Brokers, Wholesaler, Farms and Growers. This approach ensures easy forwarding of questionnaires and information requests via the supplier to the end manufacturer.

Specified Approvers:

Specified approvers can be delegated for certain information within 3iVerify to ensure that subject matter experts (e.g. Allergens, Additives, etc) can be effectively assessed and approved.

Supplier Certification and Documentation Management:

All supplier certification and other documents can be easily requested by your users and are then uploaded by the supplier and then monitored for compliance and expiry. These are then available for inspection and audit and automatically requested on expiry. This provides an effective way to ensure compliance and share key quality and food safety information.

In House Data Capture:

3iVerify allows users to create any kind of in-house data capture form to support HACCP, Quality, Health and Safety and Traceability. This can also be used as a training and assessment resource for auditors and general management processes. The solution focuses on the digitisation of paper-based systems to ensure that there is full traceability, accountability, and audit trail within the food business. This supports more efficient processes and digital information that is ready for the blockchain era.

Internal Document Compliance Management:

3iVerify features a full document management and control system that provides online document collaboration, review, cross reference, approval and distribution together with full audit trail. Documents can be aligned with standards of any kind, e.g. BRC Global Food Standards or retailer standards and can de digitally distributed and signed off by all staff to ensure that stakeholders are aware of new procedures and that there is an electronic record of acceptance.

Corrective and Preventive Action Management:

The solution incorporates full, online, corrective action management tools that allow important nonconformities to be managed, risk assessed and for all management actions to be tracked. All stakeholders can follow actions and escalations can be set to ensure that important issues are dealt with in a timely fashion.

AI Scan Supplier Monitoring and Surveillance:

3iVerify’s AI Scan Module electronically monitors key data sources (e.g. Food Standards Agency, FDA, FSAI, CFIA and more) for food safety and allergen recalls and this can be extended to other data sources, e.g. RASFF and other data sources. Incidents can be checked and escalated to Corrective Action in a seamless fashion to ensure that areas of risk or impact to the business are identified, Classified and actioned appropriately.


AI Scan gathers, analyses and logs information on suppliers and food safety incidents on a global basis. This information is the compiled into a global hazards database the allows anyone to understand the real risks associated with any raw material or finished product based on real world data and in real time.


3iVerify offers an affordable, easy to deploy, modular food safety and quality management system that allows the customer to begin their implementation of a digital management system wherever the main priorities are. It is cost effective, fast to deploy and easy to train the customer users. The solution is cloud hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and supports the three most popular web browsers, Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Online Demo Information:

For a demonstration of the latest features please contact us using the form on the side of this page. Alternatively, for a more in-depth look at out modules please see our services page.

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We specialise in helping food manufacturers, importers and processors digitise and improve their food safety management systems. 3iVerify is trusted by industry leaders to create a low cost, efficient, high quality food safety system.

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