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Our Background

HACCP Foundations

Our 3iVerify solution is built on solid HACCP foundations and is one of the easiest to use, comprehensive and affordable food safety, quality management compliance system available.

Built to help companies comply with GFSI standards and food industry regulatory requirements, our customers appreciate the time and effort 3iVerify saves them.

Primority focuses on helping our customers comply with industry and regulatory standards in a time and cost efficient way by automating time consuming compliance, technical and quality management tasks.

Our goal is to help you reduce the compliance burden and work efficiently and diligently to achieve high quality, safe and compliant food products which lead to happy customers and a growing business.

HACCP Documentation

In 1995, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) became law throughout Europe. Our CTO & Founder, James Flynn, began helping customers write HACCP plans (the old-fashioned way using Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio).

Time For Tools

In 1998, James focuses on finding easier way to manage HACCP documentation through software. He returned to University to take a post graduate degree in software technology with the goal of writing a software tool to help food companies create their own HACCP documentation.

HACCP Now Launched

By 2000, HACCP Now, the world’s first windows-based HACCP software tool was created. HACCP Now went on to help thousands of food companies document their HACCP plans in an easy-to-use way due to its built-in process flow diagram and knowledge base hazard analysis tools.

Our Journey

Mature HACCP Software

HACCP software has started to gain wider use in the food industry.

Horsemeat Causes Change

2013, the Horsemeat Scandal rocked Europe. Food safety standards were changed to ensure more focus on food supply chains. Food businesses had to adapt their systems to provide more scrutiny on their suppliers and raw materials.

3iVerify is Born

2016, James decided that it would be better to build a new solution from the ground up to reflect the needs of modern food companies. What was required was a new, state of the art, collaborative cloud solution. 3iVerify was born and in 2016 took its first steps into industry to start helping automate the food safety management process.

Corrective Actions

Primority develops integrated corrective actions to work along side the supplier management module so NCRs and other issues can be managed.

Document Management

Primority develops Document Management tools to help customers manage their BRC and SQF SOP's and documentation.

Innovate UK

Primority wins funding from Innovate UK to build what is to become AI Scan, an automated Artificial Intelligence powered supplier monitoring system.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we aim to make life easier for our customer by identifying and automating time consuming, costly, and laborious compliance tasks.

Our Values

We are obsessively focused on what our customer needs and work hard every day to listen to them and make small, incremental changes to our solution which can benefit all customers. Our philosophy is that our customers should get what they need from our solution and the support of our team.

Our Vision

We aim to ensure that our customers have a great food safety and quality compliance management system which makes their work life organised, efficient and effective.

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