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Food Supplier Management

Automated supplier management questionnaire tools

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Supplier Management

Management of suppliers has always been important but it’s never been as important as it is right now. Today, food businesses search the globe for raw materials and ingredients that meet their price, quality and risk criteria in order to remain competitive.

The globalisation of food supply chain and networks continues to grow and as it does new risks emerge that simply were not present a few years ago, or even a few months ago. The high profile horsemeat scandal, and the hundreds of other hidden food safety and food fraud incidents that happen every day, have resulted in ever more scrutiny on the supply chain. This has been reflected in national and global food safety standards and resulted in ever more scrutiny of your management of suppliers.

Watch our video below for a demo on how our software system can help you with supplier management.

Supplier approvals in the food sector are required by all GFSI food safety standards, like BRCGS, SQF FSSC22000, AIB and others. It is also an essential requirement of FSMA (the US Food Safety Modernization Act) and specifically the FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program).

Traditionally, food companies have implemented supplier approvals in a manual way through email, word documents and excel spreadsheets. This can be a time consuming and frustrating process for both suppliers and technical and quality managers.

3iVerify allows food businesses to easily and quickly create electronic questionnaires which can be sent to suppliers for completion. The process is easy and fast and ensures that you have accurate supplier and material information and solid approval processes with a full audit trail that stands up to audit scrutiny.

Our solution has a large library of templates to ensure that you can be up and running quickly and the system will send automated reminders to suppliers to save you time in manually chasing and following them up.

Questionnaires in 3iVeirfy can be used for a wide variety of supplier compliance activities, for example:

  • Supplier approval

  • Material approval

  • Raw material specifications

  • Remote audit

  • Pre site audit assessment

  • Environmental and sustainability compliance

  • Ethical trading

In fact, there is no supplier compliance subject you cannot automate due to the flexible and configurable 3iVerify questionniare designer. You have 100% control over the information you wish to capture, and this can be implemented quickly at an affordable cost.

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Trusted By Industry Leaders

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We specialise in helping food manufacturers, importers and processors digitise and improve their food safety management systems. 3iVerify is trusted by industry leaders to create a low cost, efficient, high quality food safety system.

Why Primority?

Food Safety Management Software
Built By Food Safety Experts

Primority was founded by food safety experts who understand food industry needs and its pain points.

The Primority approach is to innovate, using cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain and digital ledger technology (DLT).


Our focus is on automating time consuming and costly food safety and compliance tasks in an easy to use way that allows our customers to reduce food safety and quality risks and administration costs.

Our software solution was tailored built for quality and technical managers by food safety experts.

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