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We regularly create rich media presentations to inform our customers and prospects alike. Please feel free to view these below.

Introduction to 3iVerify Food Safety Management Software

Introduction to 3iVerify

This presentation gives the viewer an overview of the background and market needs that drove the development of 3iVerify. You can expect to hear about food fraud, food safety and global food safety standards and international law making on food safety as well as why only an integrated food safety management system can help food companies deal with these problems effectively.

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A Short Overview of 3iVerify Food Safety Management Software

A Short Overview of 3iVerify

A short overview of the core modules of 3iVerify and get a taste of the power of our integrated food safety management system. In this presentation you will learn about our:

 - Integrated Dashboard

 - Supplier Management

 - Document Management

 - Corrective Action Management

 - Tell Me Ad Hoc Reporting

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The inter-relationships between food manufacturers and suppliers

3iVerify Data Structures

The Food Supply Chain is complex, convoluted and there are many relations that need to be mapped. We have built 3iVerify to cope with this and this presentation explains how we achieved this. In this presentation you will hear about the inter-relationships between retailers, food manufactures, wholesalers, importers and others. When your objective is to ensure that your supply chain is secure being able to map and manage these inter-relationships is critical. 

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The FSVP Decision tree and 3iVerify

FSVP Decision Tree

If you are a US food importer and unsure about whether FSVP applies to then this presentation can help you. Based on the FDA's flowchart guidance this interactive tool allows you to step through the flow chart stage by stage until you get your answer.

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FSVP Explained in 6 minutes by Food Safety Experts

FSVP Explained in 6 Minutes

FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) is a piece of US food safety legislation on importing foods into the USA. The problem with it is that it is complex, convoluted and as 'clear as mud' to many food importers and also the foreign food manufacturers and exporters who need to supply the information. This short presentation brings clarity to understanding FSVP. If you are a USA based importer of food and beverage products of any kind you, or if you are a foreign supplier to the USA, you will be expected to understand and have applied this where needed in your business.

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Primority and the Vision for Blockchain and Digital Ledger

Primority Blockchain Vision

Unless you've been drowning under spreadsheets, hundreds of supplier approvals or the fall out from a recent audit you will surely have heard of blockchain and how everyone is talking about its application in the food supply chain to solve all food safety problems. This is something we have been watching for a while now and we have decided to share what we have learned with you. This is a fascinating development that is full of promise and hype and this presentation will hopefully give you a primer that makes sense.

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