Virtual Compliance Manager
Affordable, Flexible ​Food Safety Resource on Demand

Part Time Virtual Food Safety and Quality Compliance:

Many food businesses and food importers have a need for part time compliance work. This may be due to the size of the company and not being large enough to justify a full time role or it may be due to a vacancy that has not yet been filled. Whatever the reason, we can provide qualified and experienced Technical and Quality Managers to work remotely on your projects and maintain your food safety and quality management system.

Our Virtual Compliance Managers (VCM) operate globally and are highly experienced, organised and equiped with the latest technology to improve and maintain your food safety and quality systems. They also have the added benefit of being expert in how to use our compliance tools like 3iVerify and HACCP Now to meet your needs.

From as little as £25 per hour (for UK customers) or $37  per hour (for US customers) we can provide you with the resources you need to ensure that your food safety and quality system is maintained in an audit/inspection ready state at all times. Eliminate expensive consulting and interim fees by hiring our VCM's to meet your needs in a predictable and affordable way.

Our VCM's are your personal resource in the hours you have booked them and will work on agreed tasks that are within their capabilities and that you require them to complete. All tasks are documented and logged in a personalised online task monitor that keeps a full audit trail of progress and activities so you never need worry about the status of tasks. VCM's are also available through email at any time outside your booked time-slot.

Typical Tasks Covered:

Our service can include routine tasks or one off projects like those below:

Routine tasks:

  • Document / SOP Review and Management
  • Corrective Action Management
  • Risk Assessment Review
  • Supplier Approvals (GFSI and FSMA)
  • Material Approvals (GFSI and FSMA)
  • Mock recall
  • HACCP Verification and Validation Data Review

One off projects:

  • Food Safety / Quality Management System Documentation
  • Certification Projects (GFSI and other)
  • HACCP Plan Documentation
  • SOP Writing
  • Technical Investigation
  • Market Research (e.g. for NPD, Competitor Analysis, etc.)

Affordable Subscription Model:
Whatever your budget, we believe we can assist. Our model is based on a minimum 4 hour time block, that you book with our VCM (Virtual Compliance Manager). These can be individual blocks, pre-planned on certain dates or regular blocks that you want to schedule on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or other schedule to suit your needs. Rates start at £25 per hour for UK customers and $37 per hour for US based customers for minimum time slots of 4 hrs at a time.

Discuss Your VCM Needs:
Our VCM's are located throughout the world and mainly work remotely, using our 3iVerify system to help manage your food safety and / or quality management system. To discuss your needs or a one off project you are working on please get in touch below and we will arrange an initial call to discuss your needs, make recommendations and provide you with a proposal.

How to Get in Touch
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