Virtual Compliance Assistant
Affordable, Flexible Food Safety Resource on Demand

Part Time Virtual Compliance Assistant: Many food businesses and food importers require a little help from time to time to cope with the administrative overhead associated with food safety and quality compliance. This is often because new compliance rules have come into force or simply because of seasonal demand. All too often existing staff are bearing the weight of these additional requirements because there is no business case for hiring an expensive full time or part time resource locally. Sometimes, it is just hard to find people with the right skills.

Our Virtual Compliance Assistant (VCA) service helps you change the game by enabling you to hire a part time resource on a flexible schedule that is affordable and on demand. VCA's can help with all manner of food safety administration tasks and they have access to the latest tools to manage your tasks and enter information into our 3iVerify solution as they are fully trained in the use of the system. VCA's have great communication skills and an excellent telephone manner and can conduct online web conference calls when needed in order to work more effectively with you.

Our VCA's are your personal resource in the hours you have booked them and will work on agreed tasks that are within their capabilities and that you require them to complete. All tasks are documented and logged in a personalised online task monitor that keeps a full audit trail of progress and activities so you never need worry about the status of tasks. VCA's are also available through email at any time outside your booked time-slot.

Typical Tasks Covered: 

Our VCA service can be utilised for the following administrative tasks:

  • Data entry (E.g. Uploading and entering Supplier data into 3iVerify)
  • Data verification and checking
  • Supplier / Customer research and verification
  • Supplier chasing and assistance
  • Other time consuming tasks as required

Affordable Subscription Model:

Whatever your budget, we believe we can assist. Our model is based on a minimum 4 hour time block, that you book with our VCA (Virtual Compliance Assistant). These can be individual blocks, pre-planned on certain dates or regular blocks that you want to schedule on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or other schedule to suit your needs. Rates start at just £13 per hour for UK customers and $20 per hour for US based customers for minimum time slots of 4 hrs at a time.

Discuss Your VCA Needs:

Our VCA's work remotely and use our 3iVerify system to help manage your food safety and / or quality management system. To discuss your needs, please get in touch below and we will arrange an initial call to discuss your needs, make recommendations and provide you with a proposal.

Click the 'Arrange a VCA Discovery Call' button below to tell us more about your needs and we will be in touch to arrange a discovery call and run through your options.

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