Call For Food Safety Professionals to Join Our VCM Network

What We Are Looking For:

As part of our Food Safety Consulting support, business we have a requirement for Food Safety Professionals who wish to be part of our Virtual Compliance Manager 'VCM' network. A VCM is a food safety professional who earn money by doing one or more of the following tasks on our behalf:

    • Conduct local food safety audits / assessments
    • Conduct online food safety assessments using our 3iVerify platform
    • Help our customer's foreign suppliers based in South Africa improve their food safety systems
    • Write HACCP or Preventive Control Food Safety Plans in line with US FDA FSMA requirements
    • Other 'ad hoc' food safety requirements

How the 'VCM' Process Works: 

A VCM is a flexible food safety resource that we wish to call upon when required. This may be to carry out an online food safety assessment or to visit a local food company to verify information and check food safety systems and processes in line with the US Food Safety Modernization (FSMA) Foreign Supplier Verification Program or the FDA Seafood HACCP Rule for example. In almost all cases, these requirements are standard and are in line with GFSI Global Food Standards such as BRC, FSSC 22000, etc.

In all cases, the work required to be completed is carried out online using our cloud based 3iVerify platform. Upon appointment as a VCM you will be provided with a login that will allow you access to our customer's account and a brief on the task will be sent to you. During the VCM Application Process, you will be able to provide us with daily and hourly rates for various services. We will use this to agree with you what the rate is for each job in advance in the job brief.

When we have a requirement, we will search our network of VCM's for the food safety professional(s) with the most relevant food category and food safety legislative experience and make an offer based on the job requirements. you can either accept, or decline the job for whatever reason, e.g. you may be busy or you feel it is not a good fit.

Whilst there is no guarantee of work provided in this way, we do anticipate that there will be opportunity for our VCM's as our business grows. In the short term, being a part of our VCM Network will cost you no more than the time taken to complete your profile.

How To Enrol as a VCM:

The process of enrolling is simple:

    1. Complete the form below
    2. We will then send you the VCM Profile Questionnaire
    3. Complete this, sign it off and submit this back to us
    4. We will then review and verify your details
    5. Once approved, we add you to our VCM database
    6. When relevant work comes up, we compile a brief and get in touch directly
    7. You complete an online Job Acceptance form
    8. You complete the job and get paid

If this all sounds good, please complete the form below and we will send you the VCM Profile Questionnaire within 24 hrs.

Request the VCM Profile Questionnaire:

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