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To purchase Virtual Compliance Assistant (VCA) services simply select the amount of time you wish to purchase. We will be in touch to arrange an initial call with you to discuss the work you require your VCA to do and provide access to them.

Terms and conditions of use:

  1. All VCA work is managed via a Trello board which will allow you to post and monitor tasks you wish the VCA to complete. These can be any reasonable (and legal) tasks that a remote VCA is capable of completing on your behalf.
  2. VCA Services are purchased in 4 hr time blocks and are paid in advance. This will credit your account with the relevant amount of time purchased, which will be tracked in a time sheet by the VCA allocated to you. The time sheet will be available to you in our online Trello system.
  3. You can use the services of the VCA until the remaining time balance has been used. This must be in minimum increments of at least 1hr each time.
  4. The VCA is responsible for tracking the time spent on your tasks and the time sheet will be updated at the end of each session showing how much time you have left in your current booking. This will be made available to you on the Trello system. You agree that you re responsible for checking the time sheet to ensure that it reflects the work actually carried out. If you have any dispute with the time sheets submitted please contact Primority to discuss this.
  5. The VCA will arrange the work in a timely manner to meet with your needs but cannot complete tasks during out of hours times. If you have urgent requirements you agree to contact Primority to arrange VCA availability as soon as possible after you become aware of the requirement.
  6. The use of the VCA will not result in any liability for Primority or the VCA. You are responsible for checking the quality and accuracy of the VCA work (as if they were working for you within your offices).
  7. Our VCA resources must be treated with respect. If this is not adhered to Primority reserves the right to withdraw the services and refund any unused balance due to the customer.
  8. By purchasing the services below, you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions.

Note: This page is for USA customers only. Please use the UK VCA page if you are a UK customer.

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