Primority Launches US Import Agent Service

April 14th 2019

Announcement: Primority is pleased to announce the launch of US Import Agent, Inc., a US based 'FSVP' Import Agent service company established to help food companies export to the USA with the confidence that they are FDA compliant.

The new service ensures that food companies outside the USA, and who have customers who do not want to take responsibility for FDA compliance, do not need to establish an expensive office or employ food safety experts (PCQI's) in the USA. US Import Agent takes care of these requirements through the services offered.

The team behind the new company are all highly experienced food safety and FDA legal compliance professionals and will leverage Primority's 3iVerify solution to establish an effective solution for food companies who wish to export their products to the USA.

The New Brand: Our brand logo was designed by Primority CTO & Founder, James Flynn, with feedback from the new team at US Import Agent, Inc. It is designed to reflect the US flag, its colours and the US Eagle. The seven stars, a Prime number, represent the connection to Primority and the seven orbs in the Primority brand. The seven stars convey the movement of high quality, safe food into the United States under the assurance of FDA compliance.

Why This Service is Required: Food producers, processors or packers who export food products to the USA must now legally have a US based customer or 'consignee' who is willing to take responsibility for FSVP (FDA's Foreign Supplier verification Program Final Rule).

This is because there is a legal requirement to have a US based entity who will assess the food safety compliance of foreign suppliers and the foods they export to the United States.

The purpose of this rule is to ensure that foods imported into the USA meet the same legal food safety standards that US food producers and processors are expected to comply with.

In this situation, we believe that it is a more cost effective option to use the services of a US Import Agent than it is to establish, and staff, an office in the USA to take care of this legal requirement.

The new US Import Agent service is ideally placed to help with this requirement due to our extensive experience in FDA compliance, our network of multi-lingual PCQI's (Preventive Control Qualified Individuals). The use of our unique cloud technology solution, 3iVerify, will ensure that this new business helps carry out, and document, food safety assessments using an easy and efficient online 'cloud' framework.

Thanks to the speed of deployment of 3iVerify with its flexible and configurable FSVP assessment questionnaires and forms, the new service is up and running. Visit for more information.

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