Key Updates from Primority

Key updates from the Primority team, read more below and find out what's been happening behind the scenes.

One Share - 2nd November

Sharing documentation, like food safety plans, certification records, audits and other commercially sensitive information has long been an issue of trust. It has also been an issue of information security due to most documents being sent by email and stored on Dropbox style document sharing platforms. It is all too easy to forget what documents were sent to customers, colleagues and other third parties who need the information.

One Share is designed to help overcome this problem by firmly placing the control of your sensitive documents in your hands. The new One Share 3iVerify module provides individual user sharing privileges based on document type and allows you to send a link to the document which you can control accessibility and track if the document was viewed. One Share is available now, contact us to learn more.

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Scored Audits - 29th October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic made assessment of suppliers more difficult due to travel restrictions. To help our customers adapt, we implemented scored auditing within our 3iVerify solution to help assess supplier risk and performance. We felt that implementing a way to assign scoring to questions in an audit was a good way to help bring a more quantitative aspect to auditing and risk monitoring.

A webinar was held to show customers how we implemented this and we used some examples that assessed start up risk after a COVID lockdown in addition to a further example which showed how to assess employees for COVID-19 risk.
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AI Scan Launch - 1st October 2020

A key deliverable of our Innovate UK project was to provide a solution that can monitor the world's food supply chains for issues, problems and risks and use AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to read, process and analyse the many sources of food safety information.

AI Scan was launched in October 2020 as a beta version so we can take feedback and refine its features. The solution gathers information from trusted sources like FDA, FSA, FSAI, CFIA and Australia and New Zealand Food Standards as well as RASSF. We plan to add many other data sources on an ongoing basis to enhance the scope and quality of data available.

We held a launch webinar to mark the occasion, click below to watch the webinar.

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