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Get Your HACCP Plan Today

Easy, low cost and affordable HACCP Plans supported by HACCP Experts.

  • HACCP Plans in as little as 60 Minutes

  • Fully Compliant with Regulatory / Industry standards

  • Expert support and guidance from our food safety & HACCP team

Arrange a free consultation with our expert HACCP Consultants and lets create your HACCP Plan together.

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Free HACCP Consultation

Need a HACCP Plan?

Our award winning food safety software, supported by our expert HACCP Consultants, can help you build a compliant HACCP food safety plan.

AI powered and fully customisable, our solution is tailored to your specific needs and includes is the most comprehensive and easy to use HACCP solution available.

Our HACCP consultants work with you to provide a personalised solution that does exactly what you need it to and provide ongoing personalised support.

Arrange a free consultation with our HACCP experts who will advise on the best approach to meet your needs within your budget.


Our HACCP Consultants Can Help You


Save Time

  • Using our drag and drop process flow diagram tool

  • Benefit from AI powered HACCP

  • Support from our expert HACCP team

  • Fully documented HACCP in PDF format for use in your company

Maximise Compliance

  • Digital audits on phones and tablets

  • Capture HACCP and CCP data

  • Integrated nonconformity and corrective action management

  • Be 24/7 audit and inspection ready


Reduce Food Safety Risk

  • Automate time consuming risk assessments

  • Integrated raw material risk management

  • Automated supplier risk management

  • Fully compliant with GFSI, FDA and Health Inspector requirements

Save Time

Automate repetitive tasks, minimise time managing documents and spreadsheets. Digitise HACCP, simplify management.

Customised HACCP

Our consulting team is dedicated to work with you to make sure our service is the perfect fit for your business needs and budget.

Market Leaders

We are market leaders in innovation, food safety management, HACCP plan creation and customer satisfaction. Try our service today!

Who we Help

We can help all types of food manufacturing, importing and catering businesses. 

Food  Manufacturers

Empower your food manufacturing operations with our cutting-edge HACCP services. Ensure seamless compliance with safety regulations, gain real-time insights into HACCP compliance processes, and uphold the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Catering Operations

Drive food safety excellence in your catering business. Our HACCP consultancy services provide the precision needed to maintain high quality and hygiene standards at every stage of your catering operations. Build trust with customers and health inspectors by showcasing your commitment to delivering safe food.

Butchery Operations

Revolutionize food safety in your butchery with our tailored HACCP service.  Our HACCP consultancy service streamlines hazard analysis documentation, enabling you to focus on running your business and building trust with your customers.

Bakery Operations

Enhance your bakery food safety operations with our HACCP consulting services, ensuring the highest food safety and quality standards at every stage. From dough preparation to sales, our solution streamlines hazard analysis, monitoring, and documentation for consistent compliance

Trusted By Industry Leaders
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We specialise in helping food manufacturers and processors of all sizes digitise and improve their food safety management systems. We are trusted by industry leaders to create a low cost, efficient, high quality food safety management system.

How We Can Help You

Tailored Compliance Solutions

Our team of experienced food safety consultants specialises in creating affordable compliance solutions for your business. We'll assess your needs and develop a HACCP plan to ensure you meet all relevant regulations and standards from SALSA to BRCGS and FSSC 22000.

Cloud Food Safety Platform

We'll work with you to streamline your food safety processes using our 3iVerify cloud platform through cost-effective, organised and time saving automation. This means fewer headaches, smoother operations, and happier customers.

Audit Preparation

Don't get caught off guard by surprise inspections. We'll help you prepare for regulatory audits, ensuring you're ready to showcase your commitment to food safety.

Regulatory Guidance

We keep a watchful eye on the latest food safety regulations, so you don't have to. Our experts will guide you through food safety laws and regulations and ensure that your food safety system is fully compliant with all relevant rules and laws.

Staff Training

Ensure that your employees are fully trained in HACCP food safety practices. We offer custom and focused training tailored to your specific needs, empowering your team to maintain the highest standards.

Rapid Results

Using our consultants and cloud platform we guarantee fast results helping you implement a fully compliant HACCP food safety management system.

Why Primority?

Food Safety Management Software
Built By Food Safety Experts

Primority was founded by food safety experts who understand food industry needs and its pain points.


Our focus is on automating time consuming and costly food safety and compliance tasks in an easy to use way that allows our customers to reduce food safety and quality risks whilst minimising administration costs.

Our software solution was tailored built for quality and technical managers by food safety experts.

Book Your HACCP Consultation Today.

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