FACT Consulting, Inc. - Appointed Sole FSVP Agent for Primority

FACT Consulting, Inc.

March 18th 2019
FACT Consulting, Inc., based in Englewood, New Jersey - the very heart of east coast import territory, has been appointed the exclusive FSVP Agent for Primority in the USA. Following our New Jersey FSMA / FSVP conference in March of 2019, Leonardo Natale, CEO of FACT consulting and James Flynn, CTO and Founder of Primority Ltd, met and held extensive talks after which they signed a strategic agreement to work together. According to our Founder James Flynn, on meeting with Leonardo, it was immediately clear that a strategic partnership was going to be a winner, as combining Primority's software technology with FACT's FDA importer support services would be a win for both companies and a major win for FACT clients who will benefit from reduced costs and higher service levels.

About FACT Consulting: FACT Consulting provides a unique service by helping foreign importers and suppliers of food materials ensure that their products are legally approved for entry into the United States. They also help ensure that there is a US point of contact with FDA to help address any problems along the way. This makes life easier for foreign companies to import safe, approved foods into the USA, saving them significant sums in establishing a US presence.

If you are a foreign supplier looking to export to the USA, or a US importer who requires a presence in the USA, and require help with FSVP or any aspect of FSMA then please contact FACT Consulting, Inc. to discuss how they help you automate the legal process of importation into the USA under FDA rules and find out how to streamline the process using a proven framework and Primority's 3iVerify solution.

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