3iVerify Customer Journey - Culinary Collaborations LLC

How Primority's 3iVerify Solution Helped Culinary Collaborations Achieve BRCGS Agents and Brokers Certification with a AA Grade with ZERO NCRs on their First Audit

Find out how Culinary Collaborations used 3iVerifys FSQMS (Food Safety and Quality Management System) to achieve the first ever GFSI certification for BRCGS Agents and Brokers standard, for a sushi ingredients company, at BRC AA grade with no non conformities on their fist audit.

Watch our interview with the Principal of CCL, Michael McNicholas, and Renee Perry, the Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager at Culinary Collaborations LLC to get their feedback on the 3iVerify System and how it helped at different levels of the project.

Watch Highlights Summary (3:29 mins)

Watch The Full Customer Journey (10:19 mins)

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First GFSI Certification in Sushi ingredients

Achieved BRC AA, Highest Grade Possible

Highlight Summary Points

1. Culinary Collaborations (CCL) are a Boutique Product Development Company specialising in Sushi ingredients from all over the world who use 3iVerify to achieve and manage their a BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standard) in the Agents and Brokers standard.

2. What were the big challenges faced by CCL ?

- Collation and management of supplier documents

- Need to ensure over 1000 documents are up to date at all times

- Need a tool to organise us and suppliers

- GFSI standards like BRGCS Agent and Brokers has a lot of requirements to manage

- It is an exercise in Risk Management every day

- Important to know where we stand from a risk perspective

3. What was 3iVerify used for once implemented?

- Manage food safety compliance

- Supplier / Material approvals

- Customer complaints

- Risk assessments

4. What where the Top benefits of using 3iVerify?

- Automated supplier and material approvals

- BRC certification management

- Supply chain risk management

5. What were the outcomes of using 3iVerify?

- BRCGS AA rating

- Zero NCRs

- First Sushi Ingredients business to have BRCGS AA Standards with Zero NCRs on their first audit

About Culinary Collaborations LLC

Based in New York, USA, Culinary Collaborations LLC are a unique breed of fishmongers and industry experts whose passion is to transform the seafood and sushi industry to “Clean and Green” all-natural programs. CCL are one of the few GFSI certified sushi ingredients suppliers in the world. With emphasis on safety, trust, reliability and traceability, CCL always aim to produce the highest quality products.

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