Food safety, quality and compliance audits are a major way to implement the ‘Check’ part in the Plan, Do, Check, Act continuous improvement loop. Often resulting in corrective, or preventive actions, or CAPA’s as they are often known. Audits capture a lot of useful information that is wasted because...

October 16,2020 11:28 AM - Comment(s)

In Episode 5 of The Conversation we discuss the challenges that food businesses have in re-formulating their business models. We talk about how food safety may become an issue whilst there is no regulatory oversight during a lock down and try to offer some hope along the way.

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May 05,2020 06:59 PM - Comment(s)

In this episode of The Conversation we look at the prospect of remote food safety audits given the lock-downs and travel restrictions brought about by COVD-19. We also discuss some of the technology available that may enable remote food safety audits and some of the security and polic...

April 14,2020 04:09 PM - Comment(s)
In this episode of The Conversation we discuss the impact of COVID19 on the many thousands of independent Food Safety Consultants who are self employed or work on contracts. We cover the situation many are likely to be finding themselves in and strategies for getting through the crisis and beyond.
April 14,2020 02:03 PM - Comment(s)
In this episode of Food Safety Big Issues, my prominent industry guests are John Keogh of Shantalla Consulting and Margaret Balfour of ICS.
April 12,2020 07:59 AM - Comment(s)