In this episode of Food Safety Big Issues, my prominent industry guests are John Keogh of Shantalla Consulting and Margaret Balfour of ICS.
April 12,2020 07:59 AM - Comment(s)
An anecdotal story about blockchain, its current and potential use and security concerns focusing on food safety
April 11,2020 03:27 PM - Comment(s)

Here is a recording of Primority CTO and Founder, James Flynn, presenting Primority's proof of concept on using IOTA's digital ledger to publish Allergen information on food products at the 2nd Allergen Forum Conference in Amsterdam in April 2019. The presentation shows how blockchain and digital le...

April 05,2019 12:09 AM - Comment(s)

During our blockchain journey to date, one thing has become abundantly clear to me. "Blockchain is a team sport". No one person, or company, can accomplish a blockchain solution that helps solve the supply chain traceability and provenance problems of the current "one up one down"...

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