FSMA / FSVP Conference New Jersey - 2019

March 26,2019 06:46 AM By James Flynn

Primority and event partners Benjamin L. England, Focuss Group, Norman Jaspan Associates and 3iVerify customer Culinary Collaborations joined forces in a free event aimed at raising awareness of FSMA and FSVP in the import hub of New Jersey on March 6th 2019. The result was a highly informative and enjoyable day for over 25 people with an interest in this important topic. Below are the video sessions of each presentation. We hope you enjoy them.

Session 1: How FDA are Enforcing FSVP - John F. Johnson, Esq. - Benjamin L. England & Associates

Listen to real case studies on how FDA are enforcing the new FSVP rule from award winning lawyer John F. Johnson, Esq. of law firm Benjamin L. England & Associates. This eye opening presentation will help you understand the reality on the ground, with respect to FDA enforcement activities. Whatever you believe about FSVP to date, John will be able to give you the low down on the real situation. Watch the video below.

Visit Benjamin L. England for regulatory advice on FSMA and FSVP here.

Session 2: Practical Steps for Compliance - Sussy Kraus - Focuss Food Group

Sussy Kraus is a highly experienced food safety consultant and PCQI. With over 15 years as a passionate food safety professional and a deep understanding of FDA food safety requirements, Sussy will present a no holds barred explanation of what you need and do not need to comply with FSVP. Watch the video below.

Contact Sussy Kraus of Focuss Group LLC here.

Session 3: FSVP Automation in Action - James Flynn - Primority Ltd and Michael McNicholas of Culinary Collaborations LLC

James Flynn is CTO and Founder of Primority Ltd. He is also a food safety systems expert with more than 25 years experience in implementing food safety compliance and management systems. James will present 3iVerify and show how it is used by more than 30 US food importers to stay legal, with respect to the FDA FSVP rule. Michael McNicholas of Culinary Collaborations will outline how they used 3iVerify to meet FSVP requirements and how they are driving towards BRC Agents and Brokers certification using the solution. Watch the video below.

Contact Primority to learn more about 3iVerify here.

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