The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Food Safety

When I hear the words ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI, I think about indestructible, world destroying robots, like in the movie Terminator, or the self-driving underground at Charles de Gaulle, both equally amazing and frightening at the same time. AI is scary because it is misunderstoo...

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Using Scored Audits to Benchmark Performance and Risk in a COVID-19 World

Food safety, quality and compliance audits are a major way to implement the ‘Check’ part in the Plan, Do, Check, Act continuous improvement loop. Often resulting in corrective, or preventive actions, or CAPA’s as they are often known. Audits capture a lot of useful information that is wasted because...

October 16,2020 11:28 AM - Comment(s)
COVID-19 and Remote Working How Was it For You?

During the COVID-19 pandemic many industries experienced a global surge in remote working due to the necessity of slowing the spread of the virus. Food manufacturing was no exception. In 2019, 30% of the entire UK workforce experienced some time working from home whilst n the USA 16% of em...

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Introducing AI Scan - A New Era in Smarter Food Supply Chain Monitoring
Introducing Ai Scan - an artificial intelligence driven solution to supplier approvals, risk management and monitoring.
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The Conversation - Episode 5 - Coping with COVID19 - You Are Not Alone!

In Episode 5 of The Conversation we discuss the challenges that food businesses have in re-formulating their business models. We talk about how food safety may become an issue whilst there is no regulatory oversight during a lock down and try to offer some hope along the way.

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