• AI Scan - Intelligent Supplier Surveillance

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives you the power to be in the know about your suppliers compliance. Know everything you need to in order to ensure a completely safe and secure supply chain.

AI Scan - Supplier Surveillance

Managing, selecting and verifying suppliers is a colossal and ongoing task for any food business. One mistake can result in brand damage that can take a food business to the brink of closure. The risk is greatest in the supply chain, especially where there are many different suppliers, spread across the world.

Visibility of supplier issues is the food industry's major blind spot because there are so many data sources that need to be monitored and interpreted.

Stay ahead of the curve and know all of your suppliers past and present compliance issues with our Artificial Intelligence driven supplier surveillance module, AI Scan.
AI Scan can help take your supplier monitoring to the next level by monitoring your supply chain 24/7.

Key Features

Supply Chain Surveillance

Using a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence), comprehensive data collection, peer to peer sharing and industry food safety compliance data sources we have developed a complete supplier surveillance module that will tell you every thing you need to know about your suppliers compliance history. This helps reduce supply chain risk to your business and save you time and money by reducing supplier monitoring labour costs.

Food Safety Alerts

All interactions your suppliers have had with the regulatory authorities like FDA and the Food Standards Agency is readily available within AI Scan. Detailed descriptions of risk events like Import alert & refusals, recalls and negative news coverage is available immediately upon sign up.

Food Safety Certification

See at a glance all available food safety certifications a supplier holds. AI Scan helps confirm GFSI certification records (e.g. BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000 etc.) when it was issued and when it expires. Information shared by 3iVerify users make certificates available for viewing in your system, meaning no chasing up suppliers for information we already hold.

Recall Alerts

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine informs you of recalls relevant to your food business. Recall alerts relevant to your supply chain, including your current suppliers and manufacturers, will be delivered to you immediately. Remove the risk of non-compliant suppliers and ensure food safety with AI Scan.

How You Will Benefit

  • No more need to request or manually check your suppliers for certification. AiScan will tell you if they have it, when it was granted and when it expires
  • You wont need to background check all your suppliers individually. AiScan will tell you if they are verified on Google, Open Corporates and 3iVerify. We can even show you the premises. We want to inspire trust in your suppliers.
  • You wont have to check for any compliance issues.  AiScan will tell you every compliance issue your suppliers have ever had, including historical ones. AiVerify can also warn you of potential compliance issues that you should be looking out for.
  • Your Supply chain will be more secure and connected. Never fall folly to bad actors and recalls again. Predict any avoidable food safety compliance with artificial intelligence telling you what to look out for from each of your suppliers products.
  • You can focus on producing the highest quality food without having to worry about supplier monitoring.

AI Scan Is Now Live

Interested In AI Scan?

We are passionate about food safety and compliance. We want to provide you with the best possible data on all of your suppliers to ensure the highest level of global food safety.

If you feel AI Scan could provide value to your company, please fill out the form to the right and learn how AI Scan can help your business.

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Overview of 3iVerify Modules

Below are short overview videos of each of the modules included within our 3iVerify System. Click through the tabs to find out more about each module.

Corrective Actions
AI Scan

Create electronic Supplier and Material Approval Questionnaires and send them to your suppliers for completion to help easily gather, store and automate reports and alerts on your suppliers. Set renewals to auto-pilot and never lose track of approvals again.


Collaborative Document Management, Approval, Distribution and Control is easy with 3iVerify. Link your documents to global food standards and legal requirements. Get change notifications and electronically distribute documents to colleagues to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

Corrective Actions

Log, monitor and collaborate with colleagues and suppliers on Corrective and Preventive Actions, Customer Complaints and other internal actions that need to be tracked. Get notifications and alerts and drive escalations.


Automated compliance tracking through an Interactive Dashboard that helps automate common, time consuming tasks like chasing Suppliers for compliance information like Material Approvals and Certification.


Automated compliance tracking through an Interactive Dashboard that helps automate common, time consuming tasks like chasing Suppliers for compliance information like Material Approvals and Certification.


Get up and running fast on how to use 3iVerify with our built in video learning Academy and our guided walk through videos and FAQs.

 Video coming soon.

AI Scan

Automated Supply Chain Scanning that "listens" to trusted data sources for food recalls and enforcement alerts, food safety incidents concerning your Suppliers and Raw Materials and notifies you of anything that may require your immediate attention.

3iVerify is designed for food manufacturers who need to comply with global food safety standards and laws and also for food importers that need to comply with global food safety standards and national laws like FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program). We strive to make 3iVerify easy to use, quick to implement and to ensure it more than pays for itself through saving you time and reducing your food safety risk. Our professional and expert team have decades in food safety management, so we understand your pain points.

If you feel you would benefit from Supplier Surveillance within your supply chain,  check out our other modules, or contact us below to arrange a free demo of our full system.

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